Shifting in and Around the Rest of Everything

“A man possesses nothing certainly save a brief loan of his own body, yet the body of man is capable of much curious pleasure.” - J.B. Cabell

     I am interested in how we use our bodies, and their ability to find pleasure in the mundane, to engender more moments of enjoyment, curiosity, and awareness. I want to make space through, visceral tactile engagement, for moments of reflection and discovery.

     In this time of convenience, where technology daily moves us further from direct experience, there is need to search for ways of understanding and navigating the world through our bodies. The kinetic ceramic propositions that make up this body of work seek moments of sensitivity and reflection. Loosely structured ceramic chain-link objects stand, sprawl, and droop with taut energy. The raw textures, the clink of chain, the undulation of the works as they give way and shape themselves to the audience: all these experiences are about seduction of the senses. This work is my attempt to make space, both physical and mental, for that exploration and to foster creative processes of thinking through touch.