Shelby Davis is an artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon with his wife and new son.  He grew up in Six Mile, South Carolina in the Blue Ridge foothills–a place whose natural beauty inspires him to this day.  His parents were both artists who made pots, sculpture, and quilts, and they filled their house in the woods with beautiful things they had traded for with their friends.  Shelby grew up traveling to craft shows around the country, surrounded by artists who cared deeply about their craft and well made objects. While he tried to find a different path by studying geology in college, it was almost inevitable that he would be drawn back into a life of making things.

Shelby’s collaborates often on public art with his wife, Crystal Schenk, and with his arts group, Paintallica.  He teaches Industrial Design and Sculpture at the Art Institute of Portland.  He is on the Board of Directors for The Rensing Center, a non-profit artist residency center located on the property he was raised on in South Carolina.  He does a lot of Kung Fu and is an instructor/student at the Portland Shaolin Center.