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Social Media Monsters

     Young women online are often considered the perpetrators of the over sexualization and narcissism of the internet. Clickbait journalists utilize the vernacular of vanity to demonize women who post selfies online as “narcissists”. @SocMediaMedusa is an altered fashion doll. Photographed in scene and then animated digitally, Medusa’s posts attempt to disrupt the sexist discussions that punish women for following western beauty standards. @SocMediaMedusa was cursed to become a gorgon by her boyfriend @SocMediaKen for proudly displaying her looks online and daring to post a photo with another man. Medusa’s curse was supposed to turn her to stone the second she looked in a mirror, but instead it was Ken who fell victim to Medusa’s stone gaze. Medusa learns to accept herself in her new body, as well as her desire to appear beautiful and display that online.