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Some Basics

Like many cities, it can be difficult to secure housing in Portland over Craigslist if you are currently outside of the area. The reasons for this are many, but the main one is that many landlords will list a property only a few days before it is ready to be leased. Meaning, many of the apartments or homes posted to the site are rented within twenty-four hours. This can be a difficult situation for somebody who is looking at listings from a different city as there is generally an open house the day an apartment or home is posted online, and the people who show up fill out applications on site. There are a couple of options to navigate this situation. Visiting Portland before you make the official move will allow you to visit open houses and talk to landlords. This will be the fastest way to secure an apartment. Or, if you have someone in town that you can send to an open house for you, that is also a great option. Because Portland is not a college town in a traditional sense there are availabilities that are always opening up, and lots of contracts are month-to-month. This makes it a little easier to find listings year-round. Below you’ll find a list of specifics about PDX neighborhoods intended to refine your search on Craigslist or other sites. Using the keywords for the specific neighborhoods will help give you a better idea of what is actually “in town”.

Areas of the City

Portland is divided into five different sections of the city proper. The running joke is that they comprise the “five quadrants.” Each of them has a different feel and its own positive attributes, and generally speaking, the East side is cheaper to live on than the West side. Burnside, the major E to W artery of the city divides the North and South parts of town. The Willamette River, running N to S divides the East and West parts of town. If you think of it like a cross, you can understand the geographical locations of Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast and North Portland.

Southeast Portland
Southeast It is located close to the center of the city and has numerous vibrant neighborhoods with several shops and eateries. Many alternative gallery spaces have opened up in the Southeast over the last several years, leading to a well-attended First Friday art walk each month. There are several bus and max lines that go directly from Southeast neighborhoods to downtown Portland every fifteen minutes, and it is also an easy bike ride. Good neighborhoods include: Laurelhurst, Buckman, Belmont, Hawthorne, Clinton, Division and Brooklyn.
Average rent for 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apt: $1100-1400
Average rent studio apt: $700-$1000

Southwest Portland
This area of town is downtown proper. There are very nice areas, and relatively seedy ones as well. It is home to Portland State and the Portland Art Museum, so a decent amount of students and artists live in the area. A lot of it is within walking distance to PNCA and also has a streetcar service that runs every fifteen minutes into the Northwest part of town. Good neighborhoods include: Portland State campus, Goose Hollow.
Average rent for 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apt: $1200-$1300
Average rent studio apt: $800-$850

Northwest Portland
One of the more expensive parts of town, but it is also home to PNCA’s main campus and the Falcon studio building. Also, the monthly First Thursday gallery walk occurs in the Pearl District, part of Northwest Portland. Most of the living accommodations are classic brick apartment buildings that are well maintained. NW 21st Ave and NW 23rd Ave are both popular districts forfood and commerce. Good neighborhoods include: Alphabet District, Pearl District, Nob Hill and NW 21st and NW 23rd Aves.
Average rent for 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apt: $1100-$1400
Average rent studio apt: $1000-$1200

Northeast Portland
Considerably larger than other quadrants in Portland, Northeast has a diverse amount of neighborhoods ranging from very affordable to very expensive. It is home to the Alberta Arts District, a popular neighborhood with several restaurants, shops and a monthly art walk. There are several bus lines from Northeast that go directly into the city. Good neighborhoods include: Laurelhurst, Alberta, Fremont, Irvington.
Average rent for 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apt: $900-$1300
Average rent studio apt: $800-900

North Portland
This area is one of the least expensive parts of the city to rent. Generally, there are many available homes and apartments in the area. A few galleries have popped up in the area and there is a New Seasons grocery at N Interstate and N Rosa Parks as well as another New Seasons located near the Mississippi District. The Yellow Line MAX runs every fifteen minutes North and South on N Interstate to and from downtown, making transportation from North Portland to the city center quite simple. Good neighborhoods include: Mississippi, Arbor Lodge, Kenton, N Killingsworth.
Average rent for 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apt: $900-$1100
Average rent studio apt: $700-$900

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Shared Housing
There are a lot of folks in Portland that live in a larger house together and share things like bills, gardens and living spaces. This is a great option for people on a particularly small budget or who won’t be bringing lots of furniture with them because you can essentially rent a room. Most listings can be found on Craigslist, and some are furnished, some partially furnished, but overall there are a lot of options. Most will require an interview to make sure that is the right fit on both ends, and some will include LOTS of specification on what they’re looking for in a roommate in their Craigslist ad, i.e. smoker or non, pet friendly, vegan or queer household, etc. This is great because you can get an idea of whether you think it will be a good fit before you take the time to go see the space and talk to current roommates.

Property Management Companies
Here is a brief list of property management companies. Several of them operate multiple locations and generally have a decent amount of properties available at a given time. This can be a good way to start looking if you aren’t too picky about location. American Property Management has numerous Eastside locations for very reasonable rates. The Falcon Arts Community is slightly more expensive, but is focused on providing living accommodations for working artists and other creative professionals.


American Property Management (503) 284-2147

Blue Stone & Hockley (503) 222-3800

Bristol Equities (503) 228-0645

Captiol Property Management (503) 288-RENT

City Houses (503) 235-1781

Falcon Artists Community (919) 389-6098

Fox Management, Inc (503) 280-0241

Princeton Property Management (503) 794-9004

Quantam Residential Properties (503) 227-3000

Round Hill Pacific (503) 242-2424


Apartments & Apartment Buildings
The majority of these listed are pulled from the PNCA Student Services housing list. As a result, many of them are located on the Westside within walking distance of PNCA. Keep in mind though that properties on the Westside are usually more expensive to lease.

2065 NW Flanders St Apts 

- 2065 NW Flanders Street 

- (503) 222-6679 


Allendale Apartments 

- 730 SW Clair Street 

- (503) 228-6205 


Altonia Apartments 

- 1036 NW19th Ave 

- (503)929-7746 


Beverly-Alder Apartments 

- 1117 SW Alder Street 

- (503) 223-2084 


Bel Aire Apartments 

- 2139 W Burnside 

- (503) 226-3799 


Buckman Heights 

- 430 NE 13th Ave 

- (503)232-4040 


Casa del Ray Apartments 

- 1730 NW Couch Street 

- (503) 241-5934 


Carment Apartments 

- 2030 NW Marshall Street 

- (503) 224-0984 


Commodore Apartments 

- 1621 NW SW Morrison 

- (503) 227-7037 


Essex House Apartments 

- 1330 SW 3rd Ave 

- (503)226-2443 


Everett Street Apartments 

- 2018 NW Everett Street 

- (503) 223-6024 



- 909 SW 12th Ave 

- (503)227-2255 



- 329 SW 14th Ave 

- (503)226-1535 


Jeanne Manor Apartments 

- 1431 SW Park Ave 

- (503) 223-5726 


Kearney Court Apartments 

- 2250 NW Kearney Street 

- (503) 223-7623 



- 824 NW 20th Ave 

- (503)221-2160 



- 730SW16th Ave 

- (503)224-7948 



- 3211 SW 10th Ave 

- (503)228-0759 


Rose Plaza Apartments 

- 2199 NW Everett Street 

- (503) 222-6080 


Royal Arms Apartments 

- 1820 NW Lovejoy Street 

- (503) 222-2430 


S. Park Square Lots 

- 1525 SW Park Ave 

- (503) 243-1109 



- 710 SW Madison 

- (503) 248-0021 


The Elizabeth 

- 228 NW 22nd Ave 

- (503)222-6080 


The Victorian 

- 2255 W Burnside 

- (503) 294-0960 


Vista St. Claire Apartments 

- 1000 SW Vista 

- (503) 224-4326 


Washington Apartments 

- 1129 SW Washington 

- (503) 223-0122 


Wimbledon Square 

- 2837 SE Colt Drive 

- (503) 233-4461 


Winston Apartments 

- 1709 SW Morrison 

- (503) 222-1266 


**The information included in this document is intended as assistance in your moving, but is not an endorsement of any of the listed property managers or apartments. 

Good luck! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help