Elsewhere is the world in my head. It is the space between the everyday and the extraordinary. It is a story of lost magic. Or rather, not so much lost, as forgotten and unseen, even when it’s right in front of your face. Like keys or that ring of your mother’s.  Elsewhere is a quest to live by my own terms, to define reality as I want it to be, not as what has been handed to us.

It is about remaking the world. My world. Maybe yours, too.

I want magic.

I want glitter and sparkles and unicorns.

I want perfume that transports and jewelry that transforms.

I want deep woods and hidden doors and secret messages.

I want the world I dreamed of as a kid; the one I took for granted would open its gates to me as I grew up.

And if it turns out it doesn't exist, I guess I'll just have to make it up out of scraps of dreams and odd bits of glass.

Elsewhere is for those who are looking for the same thing. It is for us.

Maybe we can go there together.