Interdisciplinary Artist/Designer
Cultural and Ecological Health

Peg Butler received an MLA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, where she focused on understanding design and creativity as tools for shifting cultural habits and perceptions. She is a systems thinker and interdisciplinary artist/designer whose work speaks to issues of cultural and ecological health. She has worked with schools, groups and individuals on projects that instigate engagement and interaction with the urban environment, community, food, gardening, placemaking and other related elements. For the past five years, Peg has been working in collaboration with artist Buster Simpson on public art projects in the Portland area: types and scales of projects vary but each has an underlying social commentary and utilitarian aesthetic. Peg also worked for four years as a designer in the architecture studio of Eric Lloyd Wright in Malibu, California and as program director for the organic arts and architecture nonprofit, Wright Organic Resource Center. Other things to note: Peg is knowledgeable about Permaculture, natural building techniques, edible and native plants and is an expert fermenter.