2pm Ryan Newson - Domestic Study #3 - A series of experiments in design and lifestyle, reacting to our desires and our waste stream(s). These projects began as studies of what I owned and what it would take to have less of it. I’ve explored a leaner lifestyle, and pushed further into an image of what it looks like to grapple with the ecological state we find ourselves in. 

4pm Reese Bowes - The Fourth Wall - is a virtual reality installation combining the Oculus Rift headset device, an interactive multi-touch projection screen, automated lighting, and pre-recorded sound. The installation illustrates how information can be translated bi-directionally between a virtual three-dimensional space and a flattened two-dimensional projection.

6 pm James Rouse - Imagination Habitats: Rocket & Couch Fort I and II - draws upon a childlike sense of exploration and discovery. My joyful (mis)use of readily available, ubiquitous materials in an immediate, assemblage method of making is intended to inspire playful and aspirational approaches to creative potentialities, sustaining a sense of discovery. I attempt to create poetic experiences that feel equally - and simultaneously - of the past, present, and future. 




Tuesday, May 19

9am Jen Cooke - Warp Quilts - A series of quilts that explore use and connections. I am interested in the ways that objects and people effect each other, as an exploration of our relationship to the world. Quilts are malleable ­-when we use them, they change shape. My project investigates how the use of quilts can inform the way they are made.

2pm Sam Estrella - Chains of Self-Design - In this work I explore themes of self-restriction and imprisonment within the fairytale genre. I’m interested in the transition from “captive” to “captor” among female characters; the transference of the villain role from evil witches and stepmothers to the heroines themselves.

4pm Tyler Peterson -Traces - examines identity through the translation of my possessions into their fabric equivalents. Traces is a multilayered installation both physically and conceptually that attempts to convey my hybrid identity. I am joining these layers as a way to communicate who I am as a queer, moderate, quasi-religious, person of mixed racial descent. This project questions how self- and public-identity is created through the objects we are most attached to.





Wednesday, May 20

9am Rachel McKenna - Blitz - An exploration of physicality in the artistic process through science, sport, and making. I am equal parts process-driven artist, material-inspired scientist, and hard-hitting football player. Blitz explores these aspects of my identity and examines the role of an intense, athletic — and female — body in the artistic process. 

11am  Mikele Schnitman - The Silent Drum - Interactive experience design installation. A contemplation tool for engaging personal experiment in an insightful nature. This work is intended to both raise awareness and provide stress relief through the body - and thereby celebrate the potential for a more sensorially-based life to learn, heal, and connect. 

2pm Jadene Mayla - The Casting of the Net - Co-creation with the harmonic elemental forming laws of Nature. Harmonic Artworks explores science and design applications for offering new tools to the conscious living industry.

4pm Marie Goebel - You’re More Powerful Than You Think™:  Always looking forward, while continuing to look back, being here now is a devalued space marked by banality and deficiency. The present moment has become a ghetto purgatory we must endure in order to move toward our desired destination. The continuously regenerating present is the only alive space which we inhabit.




Thursday, May 21

9am Nick Parker Successfail. - Examining failure and success through destruction, subversion, irreverence and rebuilding.  As Nike is primarily only about victory and winning, the appropriation and subversion of the Nike brand (specifically type standards) are a way for me to offer a framework and context for the topic of failure.

11am Bukola Koiki - Grow Where You Are Planted - Like climbing plants, immigrants like myself navigate the challenges of adapting to new homes by growing outwards, seeking to integrate while retaining our original identities. This work explores the balance of vulnerability and tenacity required to exist in that threshold between cultures.

2pm  Shawn Daughton - sanctuary - will cultivate a sense of wonder and admiration of the natural world, as well as celebrate the free-spirited and unconventional. It attempts to capture unexpected moments of beauty by incorporating objects found or collected, into jewelry pieces and sculpture. Sanctuary elevates the ordinary and challenges the notion of preciousness.

4pm Richard Decker -Station - Meeting the contours of your body, these woven forms create dynamic spaces for you to inhabit more fully. In sensing invigorated tissue, the objects create a ground to practice renewing awareness - interrelating body / environment.