As a design-based maker, I am interested and always seeking out the idea of comfort. I find comfort in sharing daily, ritualized actions with others such as eating, drinking, and socializing.

Within this body of work I am creating objects that encourage a socially ritualistic experience, where the functionality of the object requires the user to be mindful of its form, as well as, its physical and social surroundings. Through actions of preparing, serving, and sharing a small quantity of beverage, users will start to build a connection with the object and create an intimate exchanging of emotions with people.

The design of the full set which consist of cups, saucers, plate, and tray are inspired and characterized by Arabic patterns. These patterns were first seen in window screens at mosques in Morocco, where their absolute function was to provide a sense of a majestic comfort to the worshippers through their physical geometric beauty and repetition. The material choice of using ceramic and wood came from looking at the diversity in material and the beautiful contrast that they both create when used elegantly together.