Wrinkles & polkadots


     This project aims to distort and exaggerate the human form in order to push against socially idealized ideas surrounding the vessel, the body, and decorative objects for the home. This gesture is also in opposition to the current handmade vessels offered in the marketplace. In an age of a growing and viable craft economy, I aim to disrupt what I consider to be a somewhat sterile ceramic marketplace by making useful yet “loudly designed” vessels. The vessels I have created in this project critique the current aesthetically minimal marketplace by challenging the idea of idealistic body, form, and shape.

      In this project, I aim to investigate the process of creating hand sculpted ceramic items, and the ability to offer them at an affordable price point by selling them to the general public through means of a business structure. By designing these objects to hold living plants, knick-knacks, or other general household items, I am expanding the use value these objects could have within their new chosen spaces. Ultimately this body of work, Wrinkles & Polkadots, stems from the belief that handmade and one of a kind art should be financially accessible to the general public.