Creative Director

Twenty Four 7

Effective design starts with the end in mind...Inspiration and creativity are common when you tune in, but a complete understanding of the person or consumer for whom your designs are servicing and the problems and objectives you are trying to address, is really what good design is all about. Innovation lies in the efficiency, grace and wonder of the final solution and the emotional and practical reactions to it. My education evolved from a learn by doing philosophy to learn by listening. Cal Poly taught me the skills necessary to be a productive designer. Stanford taught me how to walk in another person’s moccasins. Through human centered empathy and first hand observation, a passion for curation and invention was instilled in me. Currently, as the Creative Director for Twenty Four 7, I lead a team of designers creating brand oriented content, branded exhibits and events, retail store design and branded consumer experiences. For this work, I set the vision and strategy for each project, fostering each team member’s innate storytelling ability, coaching them through the basic design process of curation, inspiration, identifying patterns, exploring the options, developing ideas, communicating concepts clearly to build support and to execute, flawlessly.