Elevated routines: making sense through object-awareness 

     Elevated routines: making sense through object-awareness serves as an investigation into space, structure, sensation, and self.

     We are defined by the objects we live with, use, and love. Their closeness to us gives them value, they shape our identity, and collect to create our domestic environments. Objects carry hefty influence in our day-to- day lives, though they often live in the background greatly under-considered. Under the surface of our everyday interactions with objects we have crafted deliberate relationships and exchanges with them: mundane rituals.

     The essential thoughtlessness and disregard we have for the things that support us extends beyond objects and into our own bodies. We move through space without considering or sensing our own bodies. How often do you think about your feet, or the ground you are walking on – when do we really deliberately allow our bodies to be impacted by our environment?

     The objects, surfaces, and structures in Elevated routines act as a series of tools to create a more intentional interaction with our bodies and the objects that support them. Promoting attention and sensation, without the pain or failure that usually makes us aware of our surrounding and interactions. Elevated routines explores the significance of objects in the creation of mundane rituals, and acts as a way to actively notice them within our domestic spaces and day-to- day interactions.