Horribly strange and overwhelmingly large, a monster is unruly in nature. We use monsters as personifications of our fears, weaknesses, and desires. One of the biggest monsters in my life is anxiety. This can be all consuming at times, but through sincere forms of playful commiseration it can be managed. I materialized my anxieties in the form of monsters that I interact with as a coping mechanism: a way of confronting and then comforting. Lurking from the inside out, these monsters are abstracted through an additive and subtractive process.

 This creates a visceral materiality and space for my viewer to project themselves into the work. Each monster possesses a dark playfulness that gives light to the muted theatricality that anxiety often embodies. Anxiety, in all its forms, is one of the most common, but least treated mental illnesses, and a universal aspect of the human condition. Through naming and confronting what haunts us, we can begin to work through it, and eventually move forward.