Kath projection.jpg


“If there is one thing I despise, its losers!”     

                                                 - Arnold Schwartzenegger  

     We want to discipline and control our bodies; we aspire towards exceptional physical accomplishment. Still, the body has a will of its own, made of mutable cells and unruly muscles. Humans are fallible, strange organisms, yet there is heavy insistence to present ourselves as assured, normative, and without doubt.

     I manifest the neuroses of the body into garments. These forms emerge as contorted muscles in spasm and slack sinew having lost its strength.  In their impractical volume, they are a caricature of physical success. This work seeks to understand that we do not learn to feel good in mind and body through control and discipline alone. Ballooned muscle cushions the wearer giving license to crash about, movement is ungainly but buoyant, inept yet graceful.  Through these garments I ask the wearer to unlearn their inhibitions, and to move with irreverence.

The Ebb is that which pulls back.

The Floop is the wild vault that stumbles forward.