JP Reuer is a LEED accredited architect and licensed general contractor, and has lived and worked on projects in New York, Montreal, Halifax, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, and Doha, Qatar. Since establishing his own practice in 1999, Reuer has concentrated primarily on single and multi-family residential dwellings in historic, urban districts. Reuer's designs are contextually driven, responsive to vernacular architectural patterns and details, and emphasize energy-efficiency and durability.

While teaching in the Interior Design Department at Virginia Commonwealth University — Qatar, Reuer chaired the 2006 and 2007 Tasmeem International Design Conference, the Middle East's most prominent design conference. Through his work on Tasmeem and his proposal for the Qatar Design Outreach Unit, Reuer was asked to consult on the planning and development of the Qatar Design Zone, the first global creative hub in the Persian Gulf.

Reuer received his Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from North Carolina State University and his Master of Architecture in Affordable Housing from McGill University. He is the founding Chair of the MFA in Applied Craft and Design and served as Chair from 2009 to 2015.