Fourteen30 Contemporary
Owner and Director / Visual Artist

Jeanine Jablonski is the Owner & Director of Fourteen30 Contemporary, a commercial gallery in Portland, Oregon, focused on emerging and new generation artists nationally and abroad. Jablonski received her MFA from Memphis College of Art and her BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft.

Prior to opening Fourteen30 Contemporary in the fall of 2008, Jablonski held the position of Assistant Director of Exhibitions & Media at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland. In July of this year, Jablonski launched A Portland Conversation in Culture with designer Scott Ponik. She has worked with several arts non-profits, as a Board Member of the Portland Art Center (Portland, Oregon); Curator and Gallery Coordinator for Delta Axis (Memphis, Tennessee); and Board Member and Project Manager for Lantana Projects (Memphis, Tennessee). She has taught most recently at the Memphis College of Art and University of Memphis, and exhibited her own work nationally.