MFA AC+D Alumni reflect on their path and practice before-during-after+advice on the MFA AC+D experience.



Bukola Koikibefore-DURING-after+advice

...I was especially drawn to the program's focus on "thinking through making" as I've always been able to think best when I'm making things. Hearing that phrase helped me put a name to the phenomena and to understand what that haptic/tactile exploration of materials can do for my ability to dissect and troubleshoot a problem... 






Jason Lee Starinbefore-during-AFTER+advice

...The ACD program extremely expanded my notion of things. I went there, well beyond my small world of stuff, well beyond my comfort zone; and it took me a long time to get back after graduation. My practicum has drastically altered how I relate to objects, in making and conception..... 



Joshua Unterman | before-during-after+ADVICE

#1 Take advantage of everything you can. #2 Think of everything as a learning opportunity, you might or might not use that experience or class lesson right away, but it will be something to think about and perhaps drive you nuts.  #3 The Practicum Project is a very important thing.  It may or may not be what you will be doing for the rest of your career, but for a little bit of time it will be your daily ritual. #4 Discipline, have a work ethic.  Think of your studio practice as a 8 am to 5 pm job with 1 hour for lunch. You can get a lot done in 8 hours.  #5 Eat and Sleep, if you get sick, you might miss out on all the fun.


Jason Rens, MFA 2019

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Connecting design thinking to design doing, Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art have collaborated to create a unique MFA Program grounded in hands-on making, entrepreneurial strategies, and social and environmental engagement.


With a curriculum focused on the development of a strong artistic voice, the realization of work for a specific community or client, and entrepreneurism that connects making a living with making a difference, the MFA in Applied Craft and Design is the only graduate program of its kind. 



The MFA in Applied Craft + Design Program is a joint program offered through the Oregon College of Art and Craft and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.