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chair body     

     This series of sculptures explores the energetic exchange and physical relationship between everyday objects and the human body. It is an exploration of the literal exchange that occurs upon contact, the meaning that is made through the exchange and the cultural and ideological pressures that distort that meaning. Biology is layered together with ideology to create the body.

     When one uses a fork, the brain places the fork within the schema of the body. The fork becomes part of the user, their hand transforms into a fork hand, until the fork is put down to pick up the knife.

     The body undergoes ongoing invisible transformation as it engages with objects and environment. It transforms to become a bed body, a desk body, a chair body. These objects represent the chaos of interminable transformation and the relationships forged with objects that make one feel like something about their own body is not quite right. It is a location of discomfort and a celebration of awkward.