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MFA AC+D hosts a wide range of free public events throughout the year. Keep an active eye out for upcoming shows and events.

Check out the lecture series page and blog for even more! 



MFA AC+D hosts a wide range of free public events throughout the year. Keep an active eye out for upcoming shows and events.

Check out the lecture series page and blog for even more! 

May 10-24, 2019

I’ve gone out to find myself . . . MFA AC+D 2019 Practicum Exhibition

2nd Year spring 19_poster v3.jpg

May 10-24, 2019

I’VE GONE OUT TO FIND MYSELF IF ANYONE SEES ME HOLD ME THERE UNTIL I GET BACK is a public invitation to share in the discoveries of self, place, and community with the MFA Applied Craft + Design graduating class of 2019 and their Practicum Exhibition.

Each of the varied approaches asks questions to create connections, whether through storytelling, knitting, ceramics, or construction, and reflects on the student's unique experiences manifested through gesture, education, and ritual.

The exhibition marks the summit of two years of hands-on investigation that dives deeply into an ongoing conversation of process and participation so that we all might learn more about ourselves and one another.


This exhibition also marks the end of a joint program, with the closing of Oregon College of Art and Craft, and the very last opening held at the beloved Bison Building. Join us for this special time of transition and what comes next!  

Opening Hours:

Thursday May 16, 12:00 - 2:30PM
Friday, May 17, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, May 22, 12:00 - 2:30 PM
Thursday, May 23, 12:00 - 3:00 PM

MFA Applied Craft + Design
421 NE 10th Ave
Portland OR 97232



EACH YEAR THE MFA AC+D program takes its students out of the studio and into the world for short immersive trips.

SPRING BREAK at El Cosmico

Marfa, TX



San Francisco, CA



Joshua Tree, CA



Los Angeles, CA



Seattle, WA



Oregon City, Oregon



Joshua Tree, CA


EARTHEN PLASTER WORKSHOP AT Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center

Cottage Grove, OR


ACADEMY for survival with Abby NEWbold at leland ironworks

Oregon City, Oregon

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MFA AC+D hosts a wide range of free public events throughout the year. Keep an active eye out for upcoming shows and events.

Check out the lecture series page and blog for even more! 


MFA AC+D hosts a wide range of free public events throughout the year. Keep an active eye out for upcoming shows and events.

Check out the lecture series page and blog for even more! 


Friday, April 19, 2019

Glass bison opening reception


Glass_Bison_Poster_Final (1).jpg

GLASS BISON: MFA AC+D First Year Showcase Opening Reception

The 2020 MFA in Applied Craft + Design cohort is excited to present the outcome of a year of hard work, trial and error, and exploration. Glass Bison, our final exhibition at the Bison building, revolves around materiality, thoughtful examination, and establishing our creative point of view, as we begin to define ourselves as artists, designers, and makers of the future. Throughout the year we have grown as makers, pushing beyond the boundaries of what was previously possible in our work, thinking, and practices. It’s been a year of change and discovery, and while saying goodbye is always bittersweet, we are excited for what’s next.

Join us April 19th to celebrate the lessons learned, seeds planted, and relationships that have grown amongst their interdisciplinary cohort!

GLASS BISON: MFA AC+D First Year Showcase
April 19-24, 2019

Saturday, April 20 from 11am-7pm
Sunday, April 21st from 11am-4pm 

MFA Applied Craft + Design
421 NE 10th Ave
Portland OR 97232


wednesday april 10, 2019

SUPERMARKET: MFA AC+D OPen House + Studio Sale

DWP- SUPERMarket- Bison- Final (2).jpg

The multi-talented students in the AC+D program study modern and traditional craft and design alongside some of Portland’s top artist/designers/thinkers/makers. During the open house, guests will get a chance to look behind the scenes of the MFA AC+D program and tour the student's diverse studio spaces. The projects and products developed in this unique interdisciplinary program will be available to the public during a pop-up sale just feet away from where they are made. From cutting edge design wares, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, illustrations sculptures, and hand-made books. This event represents the spirit of the program’s creative laboratory. All items in the pop-up shop will be $50 or less.

DWP attendees in search of fresh faces, future culturemakers, and emerging talent should organize their agenda around this April 10th event!

Free and open to the public.


wednesday april 3, 2019

MFA AC+D Lecture Series: Ezra Shales


001_Bricks_Rohsska_MikaelLammgard6759 (1)smaller.jpg

Ezra Shales focuses on the productive confusion that lies at the intersection of design, craft, and art in everyday life. He teaches the history of art at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has a Ph.D. from the Bard Graduate Center and an M.F.A. from Hunter College. He is the author of two books, Made in Newark (Rutgers University Press, 2010), which explores craft as an anchor of regional identity in progressive-era New Jersey, and The Shape of Craft (Reaktion, 2017), which has prompted a reviewer to identify him as a “philosopher of the factory floor.” The Shape of Craft argues that there is workmanship in manufacturing and moves away from dictionary definitions that romanticize ‘artisanal labor’ or ‘natural materials’ to shine a light on remarkable factory production and labor.

He is currently writing introductions for new editions of David Pye’s seminal books The Nature of Design (1964) and The Nature and Art of Workmanship (1968).

He also works as a freelance curator and has published numerous articles and essays on contemporary art, most recently on Tom Joyce, Michael Sherill, Kim Dickey, and Shari Mendelson.


Saturday MArch 16, 2019




Join us for a free one-day playable art installation for children between the ages of 3-99! Applied Craft + Design Fellow and Alumni, Nathan Paul Rice is collaborating with Mudland founder and creative director, Katie Shook, to explore what can happen when design/art/play collide! They are driven by a desire to push beyond rigid expectations of what a playspace can and should look like, drawing inspiration from free play and adventure playgrounds.

This is an experiment in material, play, interaction, and fun!

MFA Applied Craft + Design
421 NE 10th Ave
Portland OR 97232


Thursday March 7, 2019

superdesign: Italian Radical Design 1965-1975 film screening




Directed by Francesca Molteni

SuperDesign is a film about 19 players of the Italian Radical Design Movement. Through their words and their stories, we retrace the history and the heritage of the movement. They take us back to that time when everything seemed possible. Beautiful archival historical images recreate the atmosphere of the period.

The end of the 1960s represented a revolutionary time when the need for change spread everywhere in the Western world and pervaded all aspects of life. It was a time of “positive turbulence” on an artistic level. Even today, we see this radical thinking in our interviewees.

The film includes interviews with the following– Emilio Ambasz, Franco Audrito, Dario Bartolini, Lapo Binazzi, Andrea Branzi, Germano Celant, Gilberto Coretti, Pietro Derossi, Piero Gilardi, Ugo La Pietra, Roberta Meloni, Alessandro Mendini, Adolfo Natalini, Gaetano Pesce, Gianni Pettena, Franco Raggi, Charlie Stendig, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, and Jim Walrod.

7:00 pm Intro by Matt Olson
7:30pm Screening
8:30pm Q & A w/ Evan Snyderman, Matt Olson moderated by Aleksandra Pollner and Andee Hess

Tickets: $15

421 NE 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97232


Wednesday March 6, 2019

MFA AC+D Lecture Series: Matt Olson



Matt Olson is the founder of OOIEE (Office Of Interior Establishing Exterior) a trans-disciplinary studio that works on projects related to art, design, architecture, and landscape. The “open practice” model is on the belief that the world makes us as much as we make it and thus, trusting the work that emerges, whether commissioned or self-initiated, is an act of poetic surrender that gives life to something that is easy to care about. Informed by a love of research and an interest in using art history as a material, OOIEE participates in climates of knowledge with an open heart and is committed to intentions of generosity, kindness, and expansiveness. Their work has been shown at the Aspen Art Museum, Etage Projects in Copenhagen, ANNEX at M+B Gallery in Los Angeles and company in Minneapolis. Teaching, especially through workshops, is vital and they've been visiting artist/lecturer at SCI-Arc, Cranbrook, SAIC (School Art Institute Chicago), SCAD (Savannah) and elsewhere.


Friday March 1, 2019


Candidv1 (1)smaller2.jpg

Candid is a study and reflection of a building’s inconspicuous spaces. The collaborative work between Ryan Burghard, Mario Gallucci and Kelly Elizabeth Tivnan, considers the history, creative patina and daily wear that comes from the artists and students working within an expansive and unique space. Burghard, Gallucci and Tivnan have spent the last month working intimately with and reflecting on the scope and scale of the Furthermore gallery. Using light, sound and subtle gestures, they redirect attention, affecting the frequency of the space, shifting the atmosphere.

Ryan Burghard is a Portland-based artist who's slight and seemingly invisible gestures question the nature of our relationships; both universal and personal, to time and to notions we have of permanence and impermanence. He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently an Assistant Professor at the Oregon College of Art and Craft.

He has had solo exhibitions at Portland Pataphysical Society (Portland, OR), Cydonia (Dallas, TX) and IGLOO, (Portland, OR) and his work was included in numerous group exhibitions including the Helzer Gallery at PCC Rock Creek, (Portland,OR), Border Patrol, (Portland, ME), Patton-Malott Gallery (Snowmass, CO), FivePoints ArtHouse, (San Francisco, CA) and Disjecta Contemporary Art Center (Portland, OR).

Mario Gallucci is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Portland Oregon. He received his MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Visual Studies in 2014. He holds a BA from Elon University in acting and digital media. He has shown internationally, and nationally and his most recent shows in Portland were Counterfeit Universe at One Grand Gallery and Threshold at Hap Gallery. As the son of a sculptor and a biologist, he is continually inspired to either reveal the unnoticed, or conceal the overt structures that support the workings of our daily lives.

Kelly Elizabeth Tivnan is an international interior designer + visual artist, who has returned to the PNW (where she was born and raised) after calling Berlin, Germany home base for over the last decade. When Kelly is not consulting clients on their work or living spaces, developing concepts for projects or making her own work, she is found best following her heart, wandering about with her camera, as she is also a prolific photographer. Kelly is known by her colleagues and friends alike for her dedication to each creative pursuit that comes her way. She is articulate and innovative. She stays loyal to her processes, visions and collaborators.

Please join us for the opening of Candid, Friday March 1st 6-9pm.

Furthermore Space
Applied Craft + Design
The Bison Building
421 NE 10th Ave


February 2-23, 2019

http://www: a birthday celebration


wwwshowcare simple2.jpg

MFA AC+D Program Manager, Hannah Newman presents http://www: a birthday celebration, an exhibition commemorating the 30th birthday of the world wide web! In honor of the occasion, http://www: a birthday celebration is serving up a small slice of internet, featuring artists, web pages, memes, .gifs, and code – both on and offline – to discuss, challenge, celebrate, and reckon with the complex structure we call the internet. Try a bite, grab a slice, and join us in ringing in the WWW’s big three-O!

Carnation Contemporary
Exhibition: February 1-23, 2019
Opening: February 2, 6-9p
Gallery Hours: Friday-Sunday 12-5p

8371 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217


Tuesday February 19, 2019

Tom Dixon’s Fat America Tour


Tom Dixon Portland Invite (1)smaller.jpg

Free and open to the public!


Friday February 1, 2019


Night Cheese - 2003ASpacePromyssey.jpg

2003: A Space Prom-yssey

3….2….1…..blastoff to 2003: A SPACE PROM-YSSEY. Night Cheese is putting on their best formal wear, for a night under (and in) the stars.

Who will be crowned?

Who will hookup?

Who will awkwardly stand on the outskirts?

Will our parents be proud?

How much cheese is too much to eat before dancing?

Hosted by Lauren Sinner, Zach Calvert, and Ghost Host, Night Cheese is a nonsense variety show for anyone into art, food, and weirdness. Each month, joined by a local artist, comedian(s) set into motion a chain of events, that build in chaos as the hour progresses. From live Tindering and hair-dyeing, to ceramics demos with cheese, each Night Cheese strictly follows no format whatsoever, and is a unique, chaotic experience. Semi-improvised, 100% dumb.

Friday, February 1st 6:00-9:00pm
Mingle at 6:30pm//Show 7:00-8:00pm
Applied Craft + Design
421 NE 10th Ave.

FURTHERMORE is a monthly event and gallery space hosted by the MFA in Applied Craft + Design program.


Wednesday January 30, 2019

MFA AC+D LEcture Seres: Wendy red star



Artist Wendy Red Star works across disciplines to explore the intersections of Native American ideologies and colonialist structures, both historically and in contemporary society. Raised on the Apsáalooke (Crow) reservation in Montana, Red Star’s work is informed both by her cultural heritage and her engagement with many forms of creative expression, including photography, sculpture, video, fiber arts, and performance. An avid researcher of archives and historical narratives, Red Star seeks to incorporate and recast her research, offering new and unexpected perspectives in work that is at once inquisitive, witty and unsettling. Intergenerational collaborative work is integral to her practice, along with creating a forum for the expression of Native women’s voices in contemporary art.

Red Star has exhibited in the United States and abroad at venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fondation Cartier pour l’ Art Contemporain, Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Portland Art Museum, Hood Art Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, among others. She served a visiting lecturer at institutions including Yale University, the Figge Art Museum, the Banff Centre, National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Dartmouth College, CalArts, Flagler College, and I.D.E.A. Space in Colorado Springs. In 2017, Red Star was awarded the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award and in 2018 she received a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship. In 2019 Red Star will have her first career survey exhibition at the Newark Museum in Newark New Jersey.

Red Star holds a BFA from Montana State University, Bozeman, and an MFA in sculpture from University of California, Los Angeles. She lives and works in Portland, OR.


january 10-17, 2019

yucca valley material lab design build


Michael Rutledge (MFA AC+D, 2018) will lead the inaugural Design Build Intensive for the Yucca Valley Material Lab (YVML). The participants will include four current MFA Applied Craft + Design graduate students. The focus of this week-long intensive will be a decommissioned 1977 Wilderness RV that will ultimately house the YVML artists-in-residence and workshop instructors. Led by Rutledge, the design-build team will be tasked with creating a space that resonates the expanse of the Mesa and the untethered possibilities of art residency. A space for uninhibited creative exploration, YVML is for those coming from disciplines ranging in but not limited to craft, design, fine art, writing, and music.


January 8-12, 2019

MFA AC+D Portfolio Review Week



The MFA Applied Craft + Design Portfolio Review Week provides a unique opportunity for you to meet individually with AC+D Program Chair, Sara Huston, and/or Program Manager, Hannah Newman, to receive valuable feedback and guidance on your portfolio before you submit it as part of your application. Additionally, we will be happy to discuss AC+D program curriculum, facilities, and opportunities.

AC+D Portfolio Review Schedule 

JAN 8-9         9am-6pm, Online Portfolio Reviews
JAN 10-12     9am-6pm, In-Person Portfolio Reviews

Click here for more info!


friday december 7, 2018

no budget too small

mfa ac+D mid-year showcase



It’s mid-year and the 1st and 2nd year students of the MFA Applied Craft + Design program are getting gritty! Get a closer look at the varying buffet of materials, creative thinking, process and exploration as they present NO BUDGET TOO SMALL, where the sky's the limit for this diverse group of makers. Stop by and celebrate with us on December 7th as we wrap up the 2018 Fall Semester and gear up for what’s next!

421 NE 10th Ave

Portland OR, 97232


Wednesday November 28, 2018

MFA AC+D LEcture Seres: Future Firm



Future Firm designs spaces, big and small, for people to come together in new ways. Founded by Craig Reschke and Ann Lui in 2015, the Chicago-based architecture practice spans diverse scales: from pop-up exhibition spaces, to residential and commercial buildings, to urban and territorial speculations. Future Firm’s work has been exhibited at Storefront for Art & Architecture, New Museum’s Ideas City, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation and published in The Architect’s Newspaper, Chicago Architect, Mas Context and Newcity. Future Firm currently operates The Night Gallery, a nocturnal exhibition space on Chicago's south side, which features video and film works by artists and architects from sunset to sunrise.


Craig Reschke is a registered architect and Designer-in-Residence in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His work on fast matter in landscape architecture was recently published in Codify: Parametric and Computational Design in Landscape Architecture (Routledge, 2018). Ann Lui is an architect and Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ann recently co-edited Public Space? Lost and Found (SA+P/MIT Press, 2017) and was co-curator of the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 titled Dimensions of Citizenship.

Instagram: @futurefirm


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

MFA AC+D Textile Circle

6:00-9:00 PM


November 2-25, 2018

Splash Time

Carnation Contemporary

eblast header (1).jpg

Don't miss this Saturday's opening of SPLASH TIME, a solo show by MFA in Applied Craft + Design faculty Leslie Vigeant, at Carnation Contemporary. After the slew of sexual assaults and allegations in the media this past year, SPLASH TIME explores the simultaneous way in which our society diminishes grown women as childish and portrays young girls as adults.

Leslie Vigeant

Carnation Contemporary
Exhibition: November 2-25
Opening: November 3rd, 6-9p

8371 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217


November 2, 2018




Katharine Forgan and Bobbi Woods
Video // Installation // Sound // Grape

Join us for an evening of idea generating, pleasure seeking, consumption of light, sound, color, image, jello, grapes, pineapple chunks, oranges peeled and sectioned, maraschino cherries, flaked coconut, and fresh mint leaves.

Bobbi Woods AC+D Faculty
Katharine Forgan AC+D Alumni '17

MFA Applied Craft + Design
421 NE 10th Ave.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

MFA AC+D LEcture Series: Annica Cuppetelli

6:30-8:30 PM

05_cuppetelli (1).jpg

Annica Cuppetelli is a fiber/installation artist and fashion designer based in Detroit, MI. Drawing on her past experience in the fashion world, her practice lies on the intersection of fashion, design and art. Her process uses techniques and materials borrowed from garment making and fashion design and applies them to create forms that evoke garments, but exist as sculptures and spaces. Rather than simply wrap, transform, or conceal, she attempts to question fashion in order to reveal its complicated relationship with the female body and identity.

Annica is a recipient of the Daimler Financial Emerging Artist Award, the Searchlight Emerging Artist Award and was a nominee for the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant. She also collaborates with Cristobal Mendoza as Cuppetelli and Mendoza, focusing on the creation of site-specific, multimedia installations that address issues of space, interaction and materiality. Their work has been exhibited in the Denver Art Museum, Telfair Museums (Savannah, GA), the Biennial of Video and Media Arts (Chile, 2012) and festivals such as Nemo 2013 (France) Scopitone 2012 (France), ISEA 2012, FILE 2011 (Brazil), FAD 2011 (Brazil), video_dumbo 2013 (NYC, USA) among others. They were selected as Kresge Visual Arts Fellows in 2015. Cuppetelli obtained her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art (Fiber, 2008) and her BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

MFA AC+D Pecha Kucha and Textile Circle

6:00 PM

Pecha kucha Flyer- Final.jpg

Friday, October 5, 2018

furthermore exhibition

Reception: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM






John Park works at the intersection of creative pedagogy and technology. With communities migrating to an increasingly digital-dependent lifestyle, Park stresses the social, environmental and economic implications of this shift to the students in his classrooms and in the content of his own work. Through interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in other creative fields, Park has also been developing a vocabulary that merges the disciplines of dance and music with his own practice of algorithmic art and experimental animation. These endeavors to liaise between performing arts fields plays a role in Park's vision of an evolving creative practice where cultural and creative barriers will blur and crumble to the point where an artist will simply be someone who understands movement, timing, narrative and gesture with a fluidity in any medium.

Park received his M.F.A. in Computer Art from SUNY Buffalo in 2006, and his B.A. in Multimedia Design from the University of Oregon in 2003. Park's diverse background in photography, 3D modeling, experimental animation, computer programming and electronics hacking has led to a larger investigation of what the most appropriate uses of these technologies should be in today's cultural climate.





Will Moss.jpg

August 13-24, 2018



MFA AC+D students begin the program with a pre-semester, 10 day collaborative design-build intensive. The experience is intended to help students get to know each other, and learn how to work together by designing and building a project for an actual client. Emphasizing a philosophy of civic engagement, projects are selected based on their potential to benefit an organization or population that generally does not have access to the services of designers and makers. For the 2018 Design Build, AC+D students, led by Matt Miller (co-founder of Project H) and local artist and activist Cleo Davis, will serve the Urban League of Portland to design and implement innovative solutions to alleviate a particularly loaded intersection on Mississippi Ave and Russell Ave in downtown Portland.


Friday, August 3, 2018

2018 Glean Exhibition


Applied Craft + Design (joint program between Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art) is pleased to host the 2018 GLEAN Exhibition. GLEAN is a competitive artist residency program, offering artists the opportunity to expand their creativity by partnering with Portland's waste and recycling management systems for materials and inspiration. Applied Craft + Design student, Brittany Rudolf, will participate in the show, as one of GLEAN's current artists-in-residence. The GLEAN Exhibition will run from August 3-25, 2018, with an opening from 6-9pm on August 3rd, 2018.

GLEANto gather, collect bit by bit, or pick over in search of relevant material

After five months of focusing their artistic inquiry on the often mysterious materials discovered at the Metro Central transfer station, the GLEAN 2018 artists are ready to share their visions in a formal exhibition.  Please join us! 


Arrive early! Each artist will share about their journey in the GLEAN Residency from 5:00 - 6:00pm followed by a performance by artist Eduardo Cruz Torres with members of his Aztec dance group from 6:00 - 6:30pm.


GLEAN is a partnership between Recology, an employee-owned integrated resource recovery and recycling company; Metro, the regional government that manages the Portland area's garbage and recycling system, and Cracked Pots.


2018 GLEAN Exhibition Opening
August 3rd, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Bison Building
421 NE 10th Ave., Portland


Exhibition Run
August 3rd - 25th, 2018
Fri – Sun, noon - 5:00 pm


FRiday, April 21


An exhibition of thing process

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Emailer 5x7 pic.jpg

To make a thing is to give shape to an idea—to bring that wild intangible stuff of thought into the concrete, physical world with the hands/mouth/feet/lungs/etc. And just as vocalising a thought risks failing understanding, making a thing risks failing intention.

The world we live in already bursts at its seams with material objects—artifacts of our human needs and wants—yet still there is so much misunderstanding. How do we make a thing that communicates our ideas, without simply adding to the chaos?

This is an exhibition of how we, as individual artists, designers, and thinkers, do this thing thing.


Thursday, April 27


Open house + sale

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Join the MFA in Applied Craft + Design community for a bustling DWP Open House + Sale which represents the spirit and soul of this creative laboratory.

The studio is a place of making, thinking, connecting. With the hand at the forefront of touch, handcrafted objects are how we soothe and heal, grow and thrive, live and work. They are how we drink our coffee, where we rest our heads. The studio is the incubator that makes all of this possible.

This year’s Open House will feature a curated collection of objects made by our dynamic community including: alumni, mentors, students, faculty, and staff. Everything will be priced at $50 or less so that the work is accessible to all.

Featured work may include ceramics, lighting, wearables, innovative devices, handmade books, domestic items, sculpture, and on and on. Also enjoy conversation, snacks, free drinks and music!

If Portland is a creative capital, then the Bison Building is a perfect microcosm which encapsulates the characteristics of this fine city.


Friday, May 12


MFA AC+D 2017 practicum exhibition


opening reception - may 12th, 6:00 PM TO 9:00 PM

Exhibition Dates - May 12th - 26th


Oral DEFENSE - May 8th - 10th

schedule to be released shortly




Friday, April 29, 2016


You are invited to the year-end show of MFA AC+D’s graduate class of 2017. Come celebrate these works in progress as not only a snapshot of the creative process, but as evidence of the maker in progress—a glimpse into how makers construct themselves. 

Free to the public

All ages welcome






The MFA Applied Craft + Design (OCAC/PNCA) class of 2016 is pleased to present LIMITED TIME ONLY, an exhibition celebrating two years of late night deliberations, mind—blowing manifestations, blood, sweat, and fear. Join us at our beloved Bison Building for this culminating event  showcasing  the  work  of twelve individual artists, designers, and craftspeople, each bringing different perspectives and a multi-disciplinary approach to making.





MFA AC+D OPEN STUDIOS : 7th Year sight line

Tuesday, April 19th


Come join the MFA in Applied Craft + Design* community as our DWP Open Studio becomes a site line that honors our 7th year in existence. Featuring a curated collection of objects on a 50’+ shelf installed on the interior walls of the Bison Building’s flexible workspace. 
In addition to conversation, snacks, free drinks and music - current AC+D students, alum, faculty, staff and mentors will be offering products for sale (ceramics, lighting, wearables, innovative devices, handmade books, domestic items, sculpture, and on and on) that in some way represent the spirit and soul of this creative laboratory. Everything will be priced at $50 or less so that the work is accessible to all. Help us celebrate the confluence of art, design and craft, by supporting the AC+D constituents and taking these objects home with you!  Plus, take part in a raffle for a few experimental items not 'sized for the shelf'. See you then!

*MFA in Applied Craft and Design is a joint OCAC and PNCA graduate program


Letterpress Print Fair

Sunday April 17th, 2016

10 am - 5 pm

The 7th Annual Letterpress Printers Fair celebrates the historic craft of letterpress printing and the community who sustains it. Letterpress printing is one of the few remaining craft industries where its practitioners are innovating contemporary applications using centuries’ old technology. Browse goods from an array of local printers, book artists, designers, and lovers of type. Experience live printing with a steamroller and hands­-on demonstrations. Try your hand at book arts! Win a unique print in our raffle! Enjoy libations and food as we inspire you with the coalescence of 500 years of printing.

Event is family friendly. General admission is free.




FURTHERMORE is a space where portland makers can explore the blurred boundaries between art, craft, + design. Cultivated through the MFA in Applied Craft + Design Studios, FURTHERMORE offers a venue for exchange and exploration.




5:30PM - 7:30PM

Featuring the work of MFA AC+D 2015/2016 Post Graduate Fellowship recipient, Tyler Peterson.




5:30PM - 7:30PM

Featuring the work and research of MFA AC+D Faculty Namita Wigger, Theory of the Object Instructor, Abby McGehee, Modern Craft and Design History Professor, Marci McDade, Practicum Instructor, and Heidi Schwegler, Program Chair / Entrepreneurial Studies Professor.



FEBruary 5TH 

5:30PM - 7:30PM

Featuring the work by Bukola Koiki, Camila Araya Perez, Matthew Williams, Sarah Davis, and Shannon Hauff.







|  6PM - 9PM   |   AC+D STUDIOS   |    421 NE 10TH AVE  |  




FURTHERMORE is a space where portland makers can explore the blurred boundaries between art, craft, + design. Cultivated through the MFA in Applied Craft + Design Studios, FURTHERMORE offers a venue for exchange and exploration.



December 4th 

5:30PM - 7:30PM

An inside look at the research and process of MFA AC+D 2015/2016 Post Graduate Fellowship recipient, Tyler Peterson.


Mentor POP UP

November 6TH 

5:30PM - 7:30PM

Featuring the work of MFA AC+D Mentors Brenda Mallory, Crystal Schenk, Dylan Beck, Karl Burkheimer, Shelby Davis.




5:30PM - 7:30PM

Featuring the work and research of MFA AC+D  Critique Seminar Faculty - Bobbi Woods, Dave Laubenthal, Victor Maldonado, and Whitney Lowe.


Young + Local POP UP

September 4th 

5:30PM - 7:30PM

Featuring the work of guest panelists,  Laura Allcorn: Second StoryAdam Garcia: The PressureMarc Moscato: Know Your City, Ethan Allen Smith: PeetKeglerAllison Ullmer: Allison Ullmer JewelryKate Bingaman-Burt: PSU.




The MFA Applied Craft + Design Class of 2015 Graduate Exhibition

May 22, 2015 - June 5, 2015

421 NE 10th Ave, 97232


The joint MFA in Applied Craft + Design is pleased to present the culmination of two years of hands-on designing and making. The exhibition features the 2015 graduation class’ practicum projects that explore the convergence of art, craft, and design practices.

We are makers of objects, interfaces, environments, and experiences. Through actual and digital means, we exhaustively explore material, investigate process and manifest ideas in provocatively meaningful ways. We have learned to build with intention, always seeking meaning and purpose, not just highly polished results.

As we reach this stage of our creative endeavor, we stop to reflect - several steps removed – so that we can better observe and gain perspective on our personal and creative progress.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of steps concluded and steps yet to be taken.




          Opening Reception - Friday, May 22, 6 - 9 pm.

          Exhibition Hours -

          May 26 - May 29,  12 - 2pm & 5 - 7pm

          June 2 - June 5,  12 - 2pm & 5 - 7pm

          Guided Tour Event - Thursday, May 28th, 5 - 7pm.

          Closing Reception - Friday, June 5, 6 - 9 pm.




Featuring Work from: Bukola Koiki, Jadene Mayla, James Rouse, Jennifer Cooke, Marie Goebel, Michael Schnitman, Nicholas Parker, Rachel McKenna, Reese Bowes, Richard Decker, Ryan Newson, Samantha Estrella-Boyland, Shawn Daughton, and Tyler Peterson.


Oral defense presentations 

Monday May 18th - Thursday May 21

*See Full Schedule HERE




James Rouse: 5:30pm-5:55pm

(5 min break)

Sam Estrella: 6:00pm-6:25pm

(5 min break)

Jen Cooke: 6:30pm-6:55pm