Bamboo / Sculpture

Charissa Brock has worked with bamboo since 1999, when she discovered it while hunting for tree bark. Her bamboo, stone, and glass sculptures are created in her studio in Portland, Oregon. Her work is included in the Arizona State University Museum Collection and can currently be seen at Cervini Haas Gallery, Snyderman/ The Works, and The Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts. Since 1987 she has taught bamboo, glass, and mixed media to all age groups in the US and abroad. She is featured in an article in the April 2008 issue of American Style Magazine.

In regards to her practice, she states "My work stems from an interest in the complex structure of bamboo and its unlimited potential as an art material. Bamboo is a remarkably versatile material. It can be cut, layered, glued, and sanded like wood, or it can be split, bent, and woven, incorporating basketry techniques. Bamboo's repetition of nodes, its hollow structure, and its flexibility create a challenge and versatility I enjoy working with. Bamboo is a continually renewable resource, and it grows in a way that makes it easy to gather without worry about harming the plant."